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Nida Azwer Eid Collection 2023 On Sale With Price

If you are here to know about Nida Azwer Eid Collection then you are at the right place to know about this brand. This brand is working in the clothing industry for the past many years and it is working on producing luxury dresses and also bridal dresses. Now, this brand started work in lawn and summer dresses also. These collections include lawn, Chiffon, Embroidered, and many other dresses. This brand now working on lawn dresses and also on summer collection as well.

Nida Azwer knows very well how to divert the attraction of customers with beautiful designs and also with quality clothes. You can now buy any dress from any outlet or you can buy any dress from the official website. This brand serving industry for many years and now it is also one the leading brand in the industry of Pakistan and now this is among all top brands. Customers of this brand know the value of all dresses and also beautiful designs are enough to attract towards the brand. Just a little bit wait and this brand will be going to launch its Eid Collection 2023 very soon. After this, You are able to buy any type of outfit you want.

Nida Azwer eid collection 2023


Nida Azwer Eid Collection 2023

There is extremely hot weather nowadays and now everyone is looking for new lawn dresses. Life without new lawn dresses is incomplete and soon Nida Azwer Eid Collection will be going to launch and you can now easily buy any dress from this brand. Lawn collection of this brand is just awesome and beautiful. You may easily fall in love with this brand collection of lawn. Lawn collection now launches and now you can easily buy any dress you want. from this collection, you can also choose any outfit you want and wear it on this coming festival of Eid.

You can wear them on this upcoming eid event an also on any occasion. There is a huge discount on this collection and you may easily buy any dress you want. Grab your favourite dress you want and wear it on an upcoming eid event and also you can wear them in your house so that you may feel comfortable and relax.

Eid is coming in the next few months and everyone is restless waiting for this eid. On the day of Eid, Everyone is happy and want to wear new dresses. Nida Azwer worked on eid collection and now launched its Nida Azwer Lawn Eid Collection 2023 in the end of this month. You can easily buy any dress from this collection and all the dresses are unique and awesome in this collection and you may easily fall in love with all designs of dresses.

Nida Azwer eid collection 2023


Sale Price: PKR 65,000


Sale Price: PKR 16,500

KHADDI SILK 2pc suit

Sale Price: PKR 65,500

3pc stitch COTTON suit

Sale Price: PKR 15,300

3pc cotton suit

Sale Price: PKR 16,500

Red Granite

Sale Price: PKR 69,500

Navy Niche

Sale Price: PKR 88,500

organza kalidaar 3pc suit

Sale Price: PKR 175,000

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Nida Azwer Eid Pret Collection 2023

Summer is now at its peak and now everyone is seeking new summer dresses. Life gets bored wearing old summer dresses and now everyone is looking for new summer dresses and Nida Azwer Eid pret collection will soon be launched. You can now grab any dress you want and easily buy from any store. This collection includes many dresses like lawn, chiffon casual and formal wears.

From this collection, you can also get any type of outfit for eid and can wear it on eid or on any occasion. These dresses are beautiful and superb in designs and everyone love to wear dresses of this brand. This brand offers you an insane discount on this collection also. If you miss this discount offer then you must buy a full price. All the dresses are expensive but no dought that all dresses are superb and marvelous and you may look cool and attractive when you wear the dresses of this brand.

This time eid is expected to be in the month of June and this brand also working on this collection. Nida Azwer knows how and which types of dresses customers like to wear on Eid. So this brand working hard on eid collection and will be going to launch it’s Nida Azwer Lawn Eid in the mid of this month and after that, You can easily buy any dress you want.

This brand will offer you an insane discount on eid collection also but for a limited time and you can easily buy any dress you want. If you miss this offer then you have to buy at full price but all the dresses are too much expensive and you may not easily buy all the dresses. Hurry!! Grab your favorite dress on this offer and make your eid special and attractive.


Price: PKR 185,000


Price: PKR 25,000


Price: PKR 48,000


Price: PKR 69,900


Price: PKR 48,000

This is all about eid collection by this brand. Soon eid collection launched and after this, you can easily buy any dress you want. If you don’t buy any dress of this brand till now then on this coming eid go for this amazing and superb brand. You may fall in love once you wear dresses from this brand. I hope you will definitely like this brand clothes. If you want to know more about all other brands then let me know in the comments section. I hope this article will help you a lot in choosing outfits for eid and you may buy any dress at an affordable price.

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